The DM Liner for metallic effects in digital printing is now also being built in Dresden.

Leonhard Kurz takes Kama on board

Fürth/Germany, 4 August 2014: The coating specialist Leonhard Kurz has sought out reinforcements to help it construct its DM Liner finishing machines. In addition to Kurz's traditional machine manufacturing partners, the DM Liner will now also be constructed by Kama. “Kama is an expert in finishing machines and possesses comprehensive know-how in digital finishing. The company is therefore outstandingly positioned to implement our Digital Metal technology,” explains Markus Hoffmann, Member of the Board at Kurz. The plan is for Kama to build a proportion of the ordered DM Liners as well as globally service these machines. “With its long-standing experience in servicing machines on a global basis, Kama will ensure that our customers will receive the same comprehensive support for their Digital Metal machine technology as they are accustomed to receiving from us in the hot stamping area,” says Hoffmann.

Metallic look from batch sizes of one

The DM Liner, which was developed by Kurz, is a machine for processing high gloss or holographic Digital Metal foils. Paper sheets are first partially printed with liquid or dry toner, then the preprinted areas are coated with Digital Metal foil in the DM Liner. In the final step, the sheets can be overprinted by means of digital or offset printing to produce a wide variety of bold metallic colors. Since the pre-printing with toner is digitally controlled, it is possible to add personalized content, serial numbers or individualized design elements. Digital Metal finishing can be implemented for any size print run from one-offs upwards.

The current DM Liner model can apply five to 30 meters of Digital Metal foil per minute and is suitable for paper with grammages between 90 and 350 grams per square meter. The processable formats range from DIN A4 up to the secondary raw format A3. Kurz, with the assistance of Kama, intends to develop a further model of the DM Liner for processing sheets in SRA2 format.

Kurz offers its Digital Metal processing technology as an all-in-one package comprising Digital Metal foil, the DM Liner, and a web-based software app for monitoring the available stocks of foil, and managing the billing process for used foil. Based on a “pay-per-stamp” principle, customers are only invoiced for the actual amount of foil used.

To find out more about the DM Liner, visit the Kama Open House in Dresden from November 11 to 14, or the DSCOOP conference in Washington on March 5 - 7, 2015. At these events, Kurz and Kama will be jointly explaining the Digital Metal finishing process, and the functionality and performance of the DM Liner.

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